Free Resources for Band Directors

2020 was tough. So each month in 2021, we’re giving away free resources and videos that we think you’ll enjoy and find helpful. Stay tuned on this page and via email for the latest from the team here at Ultimate Drill Book.

January Resources

Japanese Elementary School Marching Band

Each year, over 100 bands compete at the JMBA National Championships in Saitama, Japan. In coordination with the launch of the Japanese version of UDBapp, we are fortunate to visit with many schools and observe their rehearsals.

We hope you enjoy these scenes from rehearsal with the Asukano Kawai Daisan Heguri Minami Combined Elemantary School Marching Band in Nara, Japan.

Free Visual Exercise

The UDB Moves Me Virtual Curriculum is a collection of the foundational elements of marching, movement, and choreography for today’s contemporary marching ensemble. Through collaboration with some of the world’s finest movement instructors, this 12 module, 50+lesson curriculum is the first-of-its-kind and is tailored for directors and students to learn using their UDBapp subscription.

This hybrid exercise from Module 2 combines marching, tendu, and passé.

Learn how to write drill

Each Wednesday, our great freinds at Pyware hold a free night school session that focuses developing drill writing skills.

Even if you have never written a page of drill, these sessions are a great launch pad for learning basic skills that can help your band.

Sign up for Session #1
Wednesday, January 13 | 9:00pm CT

February Resources

Free UDBapp Demo Accounts

How to get your free account

  • Download UDBapp from the app store.
  • Click on “Don’t have an account? Sign-up”
  • Enter Ensemble Code (case sensitive) – udbappdemo
  • Enter Ensemble Password (case sensitive) – udbappdemo
  • Create a new personal account to use with UDBapp

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