Ultimate Drill Book

Let’s be honest — you want drill learning to be easier. Printing and re-printing coordinate sheets is a pain. The Ultimate Drill Book, now with Pyware integration, shows up ready to go with all of the information your students need to have a great first rep.

UDB products have been used by some of the world's elite marching ensembles

The Bluecoats

Carolina Crown

Santa Clara Vanguard

Phantom Regiment

Blue Stars

Boston Crusaders

Madison Scouts


Unbelievably durable

We’re confident that our books will last all season, so we went swimming with one in Australia to prove it. Check out what happens in this UDB Stress Test.

Water Proof and Tear Proof

Each book is made with the best materials available to make them last all season. Bring on the rain.


Every student gets a customized book that shows their drill, coordinate, and path. Boom.



The moment your Ultimate Drill Books arrive, you’re ready to learn drill. Yep, it’s that easy.


On the inside

– Close up drill chart from performer’s perspective
– Highlighted pathways
– Coordinates for previous, current, and next drill sets
– Production notes
– Count information
– Measure numbers
– Enlarged set numbers for fast page finding
– Blank area for notes
– Music staff
– Performer name
– Water and tear-proof paper


On the outside

– Customized front cover with logo and school name
– Designated area for performer name
– Covers printed on water and tear proof polycarbonate
– Durable coil binding
– Comes with high quality lace for carrying

Ultimate Dot Book

  • Student filled dot book + Waterproof materials + Tear-resistant paper + Customized front cover + Lace included for carrying + Comes with room for 100 sets + 20 additional sets only $1
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Ultimate Drill Book

  • Personalized, pre-filled drill book + Waterproof materials + Tear-resistant paper + Customized front cover + Lace included for carrying + Full show fits in book + Comes free with 10 Dot Book pages
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Director's UDB

  • All drill, music, and materials in one location + Print anything you want on our special materials + Waterproof materials + Tear-resistant paper + Customized front cover + Comes standard with  70 B&W pages + Each additional 20 pages only $5
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